Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2021-2022 (ug4)

Wolter, Lasse A Machine Learning Model for Laughter Detection
Wasey, Alexander A Smarter Stupid Computer
Ahamed, Sakib A.I. Vision for Social Good: Deepfake Video Detection
Kobiela, Michal AI for next-generation biotechnology
Strain, Sean Automatically Generating Contextualised Responses to
Pan, Jingwen Benchmark of Probabilistic Programming Languages
Kayser, Sarah Computational Models of Bipolar Disorder
Kowalski, MacIej Continual Learning in Semantic Segmentation
Christodoulou, Dimitris Developing an indoor localisation and wayfinding app for a
Rodriguez Del Pozo, Tobias Do Day-Trading Gurus Obey the Laws of Entropy?
Novak, Samo Efficient Simulation of Shallow Quantum Circuits: Boson
Rafferty, Amy Evaluating Explainable Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Vallikivi, Johannes Expertise Combination with Spectral Clustering in Inverse
Rooijackers, Gwenyth Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Peptide
Ge, Haijing Fair allocation: implementing and evaluating an algorithm
Squires, Claire FruitGAN: Exploring human concepts with Generative
Amaro Patino, Alejandra GameTown: A Technology to Support Brainstorming during
Mazánová, Linda Generalizable models of antigen presentation for the
Asanska, Zornitsa Generating Synthetic Data for Privacy Research
Fiedler, Carina Implementation and Analysis of a Key Recovery Attack on the
MacKenzie, Carlin Increasing User Engagement on the Archive of Formal Proofs
Murmann, Paula Learning bipartite Ising models
Freischem, Lilli Machine learning for prediction of gene essentiality in
Kirkman, Daniel Measure cookie setting behaviour of web pages showing
Werne, Lars Mechanising Newtonian Mechanics in Isabelle
Silkenat, Dawson Mechanizing Lagrangian Mechanics in Isabelle/HOL
Weidinger, Neil Need for Speed: Latency-Hiding Work-Stealing
Pijanowski, Konrad Preservation of Codd semantics in databases with SQL nulls
Vesely, Petr ProtoGen-MLIR V2: An Optimizing Compiler for Cache
Baczun, Michal Resource Constrained Business Process Simulation
Marshall, Sonia Semi-supervised training of lip reading models using
Miro Ruiz, Pablo Simulation of quantum circuits on a laptop
Ritter, Laura Solutions to Linear Recurrent Neural Networks for Working
Mozolewski, Maks Space-time Stereo From Consecutive Stereo Pairs
Song, Huacheng The health effects of size fractions of airborne particles
Jakob, Annabel The Pitfalls of Pseudo-Random Numbers in Machine Learning
Timmons-Brown, Matt Ti-HDRM: Time-indexed Hierarchical Dynamic Roadmaps for
Greene, Robyn Towards Automated Spike Sorting Curation Without Ground
Charalampous, Stylianos Transformer-based Human Activity Recognition Calibration
Yang, Yasmin Unsupervised Phonetic Speech Segmentation with Neural