Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2020-2021 (ug4)

Marsland, Matthew A Prettier Printer
Murphy, Timmy A Security Analysis of Internet-connected Blood Pressure
SAADAT-YAZDI, Ameer A Topological Study of Brain Ageing
Stirling, Sean Accelerating Function Merging
Stonehouse, Kimberley Adaptable Multicore Processing in a Research Operating
Deviyani, Athiya Assessing Dataset Bias in Computer Vision
Wasey, Alexander Bringing the Stupid Computer to Life
Kage, Patrick Class Introspection: A Novel Technique for Detecting
Manas, Peter CLPractice 2.0 - Tools for Learning: Computation and Logic
Girdzius, Andrius Colbi: A Colourblindness-Themed Android Application
Logan, Jen Combining Objective Measures of Playlist Quality to
Gyevnar, Balint Comparison of Account Survival on Twitter During the First
Redbond, Aimee Designing and Developing a Technology-based Tool to Help
Castillo Trujillo, Julia Designing And Developing A Time Management App For And With
Carr, Reece Developing a Library of Verified Cache Coherence Protocols
MacKenzie, Carlin Developing a New Web Application for the Archive of Formal
Singh, Sophia Developing an Online Dungeons and Dragons Tool to Support
Marshall, Sonia Developing tools for audio-visual speech recognition
Soreide, Ethan EasyTrim: Developing a Tool to Overcome Anxiety in Children
Kowalski, Maciej Efficient compression of semantic segmentation neural
Baczun, Michal Enhancing Simulation Capabilities in Proter
Johansen, Alice Exploring Euler's Differentials of Trigonometric Functions
Milliken, Eloise Exploring Language Models for Motif Discovery in
Scott, Fraser Extending Mandelbrot Maps to Visualise Tan’s Theorem
Mikucionis, Vidminas Fill in the World: gamification in children’s online
Olausson, Theo Generating Gem5 Cache Coherence Controllers with ProtoGen
Andrew, Bailey Guarded Existential Rules with Transitivity: A Survey
Charalampous, Stylianos Human Activity and Social Signal Classification using
Saxena, Shreyas Implementation and Analysis of approximation Algorithms
Drgon, Matus Know Your Customer using Distributed Ledger Technology
Aliko, Edon Learning systems biology models from data
Freischem, Lilli Machine learning for analysing metabolic networks
Swan, Mark Machine Learning for Monitoring Forest Restoration
Maio, Joao Mandelbrot Maps – Types and Huskies Are a Web App's Best
Steele, Murray Parallel Query Evaluation in Streaming Environments
Amariucai, Theodor Performance Characterization of Serverless Computing
Spukas, Karolis Practical Quantum Algorithms for Order-Finding Problem
Ahamed, Sakib Pre-Processing to Leverage Temporal Information with
Vesely, Petr ProtoGen-MLIR: an MLIR Compiler of Cache Coherence
Rooijackers, Gwenyth Recording Execution Traces through Java Bytecode Programs
Kaufmann, Simon Sharing is Caring: Throughput Fairness in Virtual Wireless
Minixhofer, Christoph Streamed Punctuation Annotation using Transformers
Pilavakis, Nikolas Sudoku Solver
Jones, Sioned Syllogism.studio: Visualising Syllogisms for Inf1A
Soudan, Yussef The Governance Problem in Distributed Ledgers: An Analysis
Ghira, Andreas Toward a Technology to Overcome Anxiety in Children with
Greene, Robyn Towards Reliable Spike Sorting Evaluation Without Ground
Christodoulou, Dimitris Towards student study space usage monitoring using Wi-Fi