Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2019-2020 (ug4)

Coates, Jonathan A Formalisation of Biochemical Process Languages in Lean
Georgescu, Teodora A Pulmonary Rehabilitation System Using the Wearable
Szewczyk, Jakub Automated fault injection in Verilog hardware designs
ap Rheinallt, Gwion Automated Web Application Exploitation: Analyzing The Wild
Moore, Paul Building a Universal Phonetic Model for Zero-Resource
Waddell, Stephen CatchPhish: A URL and Anti-Phishing Research Platform
McDevitt, Adam Checking For Language Inclusion With Kurshan's
Manas, Peter CLPractice – Tools for Learning: Computation and Logic
Prokop, Milos Composable Security of Quantum Bit Commitment Protocol
Petrov, Plamen Constructing a High-Rate Covert Communication Channel in
Wu, Felix Data Representations in Neural Network Based Chord
Mazzone, Leonardo De-identification of clinical time series for predictive
Castillo Trujillo, Julia Designing A Time Management App For And With Informatics
Singh, Sophia Developing an Interactive Game that Employs Mindfulness
Burtoiu, Bianca Discussing present-day password solutions: Are graphical
Tanase, Diana Experimental study of the growth rate of network
Carmont, Nick Fake It Until You Make It - Exploring if synthetic
Miller, Brogan Guess the Emotion: A Tablet Game to Support Emotion
Michaelides, Michael Implementation and Evaluation of the MQTT-TLS profile for
Stirling, Sean Improved Sequence Alignment For Merging Functions
Shepherd, Alexander In space, there is no-one to influence: An enquiry into how
Laverty, Patrick Investigating the Models People Use to Guide
Maiya, Sharan Investigating the Respiratory Rate Response to PM 2.5
Rader, Alexander Learning Implicitly with Imprecise Data in PAC Semantics
Maio, Joao Mandelbrot Maps – WebGL Application for Exploring
Bawden, Freddie Mandelbrot Maps: Rebuilding for a responsive cross-device
Girdzius, Andrius MarkEd: An Online Marking Tool for the University of
Molnar, Barnabas Measuring the Cookie-Setting Behaviour of Web Pages Showing
Smola, Filip Mechanizing Hyperdual Numbers in Isabelle/HOL
Fiorista, Riccardo Modelling Biochemical Components as Communicating Processes
Steele, Murray Parallel Query Evaluation in Streaming Environments
Petrulionyte, Ginte Ricci Curvature in Network Embedding and Clustering
Wilhelm, John Robotic Motion Planning using Numerical Optimization on
Drgon, Matus Robust Know Your Customer using Distributed Ledger
Mueksch, Sebastian Rusty Junctions: Rich Asynchronous Concurrency in Rust
Rodger, Amy Sorting Factory: Developing a game for children in hospital
Lluch Romero, Pablo Supervised feature-based link prediction for shared-content
Sucik, Sam Teacher-student knowledge distillation from BERT
Olausson, Theo Towards the Automatic Synthesis of Cache Coherence
Gyevnar, Balint Using usernames to predict the survival of accounts on
Pilavakis, Nikolas Visual Sudoku Solver