Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2020-2021 (msc)

Jiayun, Ma
Gerdes, Mathis A Mechanized Investigation of an Axiomatic System for
Roslund, Rasmus A Model Comparison between Neural Architectures of Human
Darragh, Neil AI Forecasting of Dissagregated Demand
Vieker, Svenja Body Image in the Age of Social Media - Counteracting the
Vigneswaran, Vinush Collaborative Question-Guided Visual Storytelling
Ovezik, Christina Convergence and Equilibria of Pooling Games in
Lupo, Joseph cryptolib: Security Proofs in the Lean Theorem Prover
Zhong, Rujie Data collection for policy evaluation in reinforcement
Abramski, Timofey Deep Co-Adaptation of Agents with Probabilistic
Bell, Hugo Deep learning for human head motion prediction with
Marek, Katarzyna Dependently-typed regex matchers in Idris.
Zainal Azhar, Aqil Designing an Offline Reinforcement Learning Based
Neeff, Vanessa Developing an Empathetic Chatbot Based on Conversational AI
Sancheti, Ojasvi Developing Deep Learning approaches to detect bone
Hartmann, Patricia Enhancing user-controlled contexts: An innovative approach
Liu, Xiao Heterogeneous Fault Tolerance for Software
Barry, Declan Improving Recommender Systems In Data Sparse Regimes Using
Baumhauer, Thomas Is attention explanation? A look at the case of sequential
Zhao, Kun Kun_Zhao__Informatics_MSc_Dissertation
Facchin, Alessandro Latent Variables Related to Behaviour in Neural Activity
Ding, Zhuofei Learning Binary Representations End-to-end for Sentence
Lyth, Dan Modeling vocal effort in speech synthesis with variational
Gong, Yifan Neural Style Transfer for Walter Scott Engravings
Jourdan, Ben On the spectral method for finding shortest paths: a
Tsiakkas, Antreas Reinforcement Learning with Non-Conventional Value Function
Aarnikoivu, Oliver Robustness of Machine Translation for Low-Resource
Gasser, Hans-Christof The BERT architecture for the prediction of peptide
Morales Flores, Rodrigo The Evaluation of Unsupervised Representation Learning
Wang, Xisen Xisen Wang's MSc Project