Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2019-2020 (msc)

Andreu, Pablo A data-driven analysis of the impact of short-term exposure
Hennig, Felix An Explicit Temporal Change Model for People in the News
Mohorko, Jaka Array-Based Stream Processing in Apache Flink
Poulson, Leo Asynchronous Effect Handling
Schmoetten, Richard Axiomatic Minkowski Spacetime in Isabelle/HOL
Cottier, Ben Benchmarking deep networks for out-of-distribution
Charlton, Colleen Building an Interpretable Machine Learning Classifier for
Potsi, Marina Cell identity prediction from single-cell RNA-sequencing
Bossemeyer, Leonie CM Flows - Copula Density Estimation with Normalizing Flows
Ormazabal, Aitor Cross-lingual Word Embeddings Beyond Offline Mapping
Mukhutdinov, Dmitrii Deep Feature Extraction and Music Language Modelling for
Branchini, Nicola Improved Auxiliary Particle Filters
Strizevskis, Dmitry Predicting Tidal Reflection
Hetherton, Freddie Security Analysis of Identification Protocols based on
Palmer, John Sensing Spaces: Machine Learning Methods for Characterising
Heitmeier, Maria Simulating the influence of semantics on German noun
Nedelcu, Vlad The Complexity of a Linguistic System is Shaped by the
Siegele, Pia The Influence of Synaptic Remodelling on Neuronal Network