Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2018-2019 (ug4)

Urbonas, Marius A Heuristic Approach For Guiding Automated Theory Repair
Martinico, Lorenzo Chatting about data
Georgescu, Teodora Classification of Coughs using the Wearable RESpeck Monitor
Savickaite, Goda Classification of obstructive breathing using the RESpeck
Mazzone, Leonardo Database de-identification for Electronic Health Records
Gibson, Perry Deep Learning on a Low Power GPU
Varnava, Vivian Designing and Developing a Technology-Based Tool to Help
Waddell, Stephen Developing a Phishing Learning and Detection tool
Nicoletti, Stylianos Emojis usage in social media by demographics
Petrov, Plamen Enhancing the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture
Tanase, Diana Experimental study of the roots of graph polynomials
Parafinski, Mateusz Exploring and implementing quasi-polynomial time algorithms
Libbi, Claudia Feminism Discussion around Death of Hugh Hefner
Stanski, Karol Flower detection using object analysis: new ways to
Aw Young, Qingzhuo Generating Novel Policies and Rewards for Continuous
Werenski, Matt Graph Clustering With Constraints
Torroba hennigen, Lucas Historical Event Ordering with Contextual Information
Laverty, Patrick Investigating Individual Differences in Human
Moore, Paul Low-resource Language Identification From Speech Using
Milisavljevic, Stelios Misconduct Assessment Tool
Genkova, Stefani Parsing the LCFG Language
Georgiev, Ignat Path planning and control for an autonomous race car
Corte-real morais leitao, Francisco Predicting Eye Fixations with a Deep Reconstruction-Based
Sucik, Sam Prosodic features in spoken language identification
Ferariu, Tudor Proving the Properties of a System that uses Row
Wilk, Grzegorz Robotic exploration of the pond skater: how it localises
Chen, Patrick Sentence and Word Weighting for Neural Machine Translation
MacGregor, Tizzy SkiMapp: An Android App to Enhance Ski Maps via
Logan, Heather Structured Data Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Nawrocki, Wojciech Towards a formalised metatheory of session types in Lean
Smith, Wesley Towards Timelock Encryption
Brisan, Alexandru Using Credibilities to Construct Random Forests
Jander, Piotr Verifying Type-and-Scope Safe Program Transformations