Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2018-2019 (msc)

Gelbard, Melvin A Data Mining Approach to the Study of Dynamic Changes in
Flood, Robert A Data-driven Toolset Using Containers to Generate Datasets
Simkus, Vaidotas A variational approach to density estimation from
Greedy, Will An Analysis of a Biologically Plausible Mechanism for Error
Breier, Bennet Analysis of Feature Learning in CNNs on the Example of
Kamarudzaman, Izzat Closed-Loop Position Control System for Concentric Tube
Paredes Venero, Renato Computational modelling of peri-personal space
Lohse, Kim-Morgaine Designing a Prototype Chatbot for People with Minor Strokes
Laenen, Steinar Directed Graph Clustering Using Hermitian Laplacians
Liu, Muyang Dynamic Scaling for Parallel Graph Computations
Rockel, Jessika Exploring Euler’s Foundations of Differential Calculus in
Toner, William Group Equivariance and Invariance in Neural Networks
Apostoae, Andrei Hierarchical softmax methods for training large vocabulary
Heap, Thomas Inferring the Parameters of a Systems Biology Model of
Biggs O'May, Callum Investigating Brain Cancer Survival with Machine Learning
Barutchiyska, Martin Item-Set Dimensionality Reduction for Recommender Systems
Otero Mediero, Héctor Learning hidden properties of physical environments with
McKenna, Nick Learning Negation Scope Semantics with Structure
Wu, Wenying Learning the Locomotion of Different Body Sizes Using Deep
Amrhein, Chantal Learning What to Share in Multi-Task Learning
Wang, Chaojun Minimum Risk Training in improving domain robustness of
Strömbäck, David Multimodal Deep Learning for Automated Exercise Logging
McCurdy, Kate Neural Networks Don't Learn Default Rules for German
Meng, Nicole Of Smart Speakers and Men - An Exploration of Privacy and
Schneider, Markus Operational Consistent Query Answering over Ontologies
Öcal, Kaan Parameter estimation for biochemical reaction networks
Thorogood, Simon Predicting transplant and patient survival following liver
Wickrama Arachchilage, Mahesh Release Persistency
MICHAELIDOU, Elina Review of Web-Based Audience Response Systems Used in
Irsch, Martin-Philipp Semi-Supervised Human Activity Recognition with the
Giantsidi, Dimitra Serializable and Rollback-Resilient Transaction Protocols
Martin, Edward Sonification of Multiple Sequence Alignments for Data
Piccini, Raffaele Statistical Learning and the Update of Sensory Priors in
Giacometti Rocha, Murilo Testing of OCaml exceptions by effect-driven generation of
Kumpalanuwat, Sitthinut The Healthy City-tour Route Planner for cyclists in the
Greer, Anna Understanding Music Representation in Neural Networks for
Boriboonthana, Tuntai Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Adversarial Networks
DePauw, Adam Using Simulated Annealing to Find Increased Sound-Shape