Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2017-2018 (msc)

Chai, Liquan An easier way to learn a language? User-centred design of
Mauldin, Ian Analyzing the Local Spatial Structure of Vascular Networks
Galazis, Christopher Application of Artificial Intelligence in Medical
Hammond, Lewis Attributing Blame To Decisions Using Tractable
Farrow, Elaine Automated content analysis for modelling student engagement
Kristien, Martin Compilation Scheduling Policy for JIT-Based Systems
Schneider, Markus Complexity of Uniform Operational Consistent Query
Jaques, Miguel Conditional Bayesian Neural Networks for Few-Shot Learning
Nanopoulos, Sotiris Código Network: a Decentralized Firmware Update Framework
Fernandes Fonseca, Marcio Deep Predictive Coding for Spatiotemporal Representation
Angeletos Chrysaitis, Nikitas Dynamics of Statistical Learning in Human Participants
Souliotis, Thomas Enhanced Tally Scheme for the DEMOS End-2-End Verifiable
Jones, Sophia Euler Tours on the Grid
Tripathi, Dhruv Explicit negative feedback in Information Retrieval
Monteoliva Mosteiro, Andrés Financial Incentives in Crowdsourced Content Curation
Jouty, Jonathan Functional properties in large-scale recordings of retinal
Drobnik, Karolina HaskellQuest: a game for teaching functional programming in
Fu, Rongxiao HaskellQuest: a game for teaching functional programming in
Eduardo, Afonso High-dimensional Bayesian Optimization for Learning in
Treszkai, Laszlo Likelihood-based Planning with Loops
Camilleri, Michael Modelling Annotator Variability across Feature Spaces in
Zhou, Giulio Morphological Zero-Shot Neural Machine Translation
Watson, Lauren Multi-Task Learning for Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Models
Darlow, Luke Mutual Information Tracking for Convolutional Neural
Rodríguez - Pardo, Carlos Personalised aesthetics assessment in photography using
Abouelseoud, Mohamed Nour Probabilistic Music Style Modeling and a Computational
Oswald, Nicolai ProtoGen: Automatically Generating Directory Cache
Scholl, Carolin Pruning over-representations in stochastic latent encoder
Aquilina, André Quantization Based Model Compression for Time Series
Kleinegesse, Steven Sequential Bayesian Design for Simulator Models
Peng, Qiwei Towards aspectual classification of clauses in a large
Andres Martinez, Pablo Towards Distributed Quantum Algorithms
Varley, Michael Tractable Symbolic Deep Learning: Application of Sum
Coyle, Brian Useful Quantum Advantage with an Ising Born Machine
Rhodes, Benjamin Variational Noise-Contrastive Estimation