Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2016-2017 (ug4)

El-naggar, Ramsey A biorobotic investigation of the visual mechanisms
Ziukas, Andrius Burning Object Simulation
Vankov, Iskren Classical simulations of noisy commuting quantum
Hutton, Joel Designing a System to Quantify Waste in Domestic Heating
Crowe, Connie Designing a Tool to Teach Password Security to Future
Bremer, Christina Designing a Web-Based Visual Story Tool to Support Relaxed
Appelgren, Mattias Detecting Deception in Conversational Speech
Kuzmiak, Karel Developing Educational Games for Teaching Children with
Parker, Lucy Emerald Zoo: A Game Based Application Targeting the
Plymouth, Felix Evaluating Discrimination for Database Systems
Kristien, Martin High-Level Synthesis of Functional Patterns for
Lind, Margus IoT Under Lock and Key: Tracking the Tracker (Rapid
Reisinger, Lena LSTM Feature Representation in Projective and
Kascenas, Antanas Machine Learning of Fonts
MacMichael, Tom Meagle - Crowdsourced software data with
Ngampakdeepanich, Orisa Peter’s Adventures: A tablet app to elicit pretend play
Hepburn, Matthew Refining the FSM Workbench
Sinclair, Paul Separating the Complexity of Monotone and Non-Monotone
Tammela, Roosa Testing Social Machines: Social Interaction in an
Browning, Jake Using Machine Learning Techniques to Identify the Native
Kerber, Thomas Verifiable Computation in Smart Contracts
Jenkins, Adam What was it again?: A Study into Contextualising Security