Outstanding Project Submissions by Title for Academic Year 2017-2018 (ug4)

El-naggar, Ramsey A central complex model of dung beetle celestial menotaxis
Samarin, Nikita A Key to Your Heart: Biometric Authentication Based on ECG
Georgiou, Nicholas A Technology-based Tool for Checking Social Story
Zimmerman, Cole Acquisition Functions for Likelihood-Free Inference via
Cremarenco, Diana Adaptive Twitter Classifier
Blagoeva, Nevena Algorithms Workbench for Inf2B
Hein, Eliisabet Augmented Reality Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
Kramer, Annabel Automatic Detection of Linguistic Bias in Text
Martinico, Lorenzo Chatting about data - a conversational interface for meal
Loizou, Stephanos Contact Estimation For a Quadruped Robot
Dinev, Traiko Data-driven Likelihood-free Inference via Ratio Estimation
Gibson, Perry Deep Learning on a Low Power GPU
Crowe, Connie Designing a Tool to Teach Password Security to Future
Olson, Alex Developing a new approach to visualising chromosomal
Sinclair, Paul Developing an Agent to Play the Card Game Cheat
Razumovskaia, Evgeniia Emotion recognition from speech
Fussell, Levi Exploring Bipedal Walking Through Machine Learning
Goh, Weiting Exploring Informatics Research Landscape: Collaborations
Stanski, Karol Flower detection using object analysis: new ways to
Kascenas, Antanas Font Style Transfer Using Deep Learning
Li, Giuseppe FPGA accelerated search of CBG patterns in DNA strings
Kikutis, Julijonas Geospatial data analysis. Route construction for shared
Ngampakdeepanich, Orisa GuessMe: A multiplayer AR game app to elicit pretend play
Sammul, Siim Learning to Play Monopoly with Monte Carlo Tree Search
Wilcke, Arthur Model Regression for Few-Shot Image Classification
Nguyen, Mai Anh Music Explorer - Developing A Game To Encourage Emotion
Fuxjaeger, Anton On Sentential Decision Diagrams and their use as a query
Rovder, Simon Optimising Neural Network Inference on Low-Powered GPUs
Bohdal, Ondrej Penalizing Confident Neural Networks
Lutzeyer, Tom Predicting Discussion Levels on Community
Jander, Piotr Program Transformation for the Lift Language
Kirilchev, Rado Project Greyheaven: Preference-based procedural level
Kotuliak, Martin Provable security for proof of stake based blockchain
Ferariu, Tudor Proving the Soundness of a System that can Infer Effects
Wudhiphan, Tara Quest for the Blue Badger: An iPad Application for Language
Tessier-lavigne, Niall Real-time Interactive Simulation of Diverse Particle-Based
Hajek, Dalimil RegEx Search & Replace Extension for Chrome and Firefox
Alisauskas, Justin Smart Offices and Event Participation Tracking with
Mikolajczak, Arek Tools for Learning: Computation and Logic - Karnaugh mAPP
Wu, Nick TryLinks: an interactive online platform to learn the Links
Horvath, Jano Validating spike sorting toolkits against ground-truth
Kotseva, Martina Visual Sudoku Solver
Comanescu, Ramona Why is AI "a sea of dudes"? Using data science and NLP
Marekova, Lenka Zerovote: Self-tallying E-voting Protocol in the UC